Products: Rechargeable Battery tracking devices


4 Various Products (suitable for any asset that doesn’t have an ignition system/vehicle battery)


• Rechargeable long life lithium iron autonomous Gps tracking device


o UTK05;UTK10;UTK15;UTK20
o Rechargeable long life devices ranging from 5000 mah- 20,000 mah working time with 1upload a day from 100 -3200 days
o GSM quad band Uses GPS/GPRS antenna,information streamed via sim card .
o Live Google map web based tracking platform
o Water resistant IPx7
o Device has magnetic base for easy installation
o Built in Drop alert / tamper alarm
o Built in CPU watchdog to avoid systems crash
o Built in motion sensor to save power
o Remote audio monitoring function
o Size 153*58*39 (mm)