About Us

Utrack SA specialises in the tracking of mobile assets that generally lack a power source to energise traditional GPS tracking devices. With a background in the construction rental industry, the need arose, out of necessity, to track high value mobile assets. Most of these assets have no built- in ignition systems as conventional vehicles do. The challenge has therefore always been to develop tracking devices that work autonomously with their own power source. Utrack SA utilises the latest GPS and Sigfox technology powered by long life lithium ion batteries.

This niche market has historically been a headache for business owners of this type of asset. Mobile and of high value, having to track their whereabouts instantly has always been a challenge in our South African market.

In addition to our autonomous products Utrack SA supplies a range of fleet products where the asset has it’s own power source for live tracking 24/7. These products can also be utilised for monitoring vehicles, construction & mining machinery and stationary mechanical equipment like generators, pumps & compressors where information like running hours, temperature, oil pressure and fuel levels is crucial for customer service.